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that why


that why

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Tags: avenue queue



science side of tumblr why am i emo

your black skinny genes

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You’re living, you occupy space, and you have mass.

You know what that means?

You matter

this is the most inspirational pun i have ever seen

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Every day I inch perilously closer to just writing fan fiction. 

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why is the feels guy always looking right?


because his gf left

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I was tagged by blue-beasts-girl (hey! we don’t talk so much here so this was surprising but cool thanks!)

RULES: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. at the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

1. LAST BEVERAGE: Dr. Pepper out of a Whataburger cup
2. LAST PHONE CALL: I don’t do as much phone talking anymore, so the last person I called was my mother about ten days ago.
3. LAST TEXT MESSAGE: “okay thanks”
4. LAST SONG YOU LISTENED TO: As I write this, the one I’m listening to now is “Shining Skinned Friend” by The Juan MacLean.
5. LAST TIME YOU CRIED: I got into a pretty intense fight with my mom about getting a job back in June. I haven’t been able to lock one down since then, and she refuses to understand that I can’t survive working part time and going to school full time.

6. DATED SOMEONE TWICE: What exactly does this mean? Gone on a date with someone twice, or dated, then broke up, then dated again? Yes, then no.
7. BEEN CHEATED ON: Yeah. Ask me and I’ll tell you the story. It’s a bit long to get into here.
8. KISSED SOMEONE & REGRETTED IT: yyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
9. LOST SOMEONE SPECIAL: Depends on the meaning of “lost.” Death? No, not yet. But I’ve been abandoned by someone I loved at the time.
10. BEEN DEPRESSED: Not clinically, but yeah.
11. BEEN DRUNK AND THREW UP: No, but I wanted to throw up after I had a Heineken once.

15. MADE A NEW FRIEND: Yeah, getting into your school’s musical theater department will do that for you.
16. FALLEN OUT OF LOVE: Whether or not I’ve fallen IN love to begin with is questionable at best, so falling out of love would be difficult in my situation.
17. LAUGHED UNTIL YOU CRIED: I’ve teared up, but not actually cried. I was nearly asphyxiated by laughter once, though.
18. MET SOMEONE WHO CHANGED YOU: Everyone you meet changes you, and I’ve met a lot of people this year, but I think I’ve met some people who have really changed me a lot, for the better.
19. FOUND OUT WHO YOUR TRUE FRIENDS ARE: Not this past year, no, but I did figure that out when I came to UTD.
20. FOUND OUT SOMEONE WAS TALKING ABOUT YOU: “talking about you” is really vague. I know people talk about me, both in and away from my presence. Said negative things? Almost certainly. But I never “found out” what they said.
21. KISSED ANYONE ON YOUR FB FRIEND’S LIST: Two of them, yeah, one earlier this year (now an ex) and the other just yesterday (there has been a bunch of kissing over the past two months).

22. HOW MANY PEOPLE ON YOUR FB FRIEND’S LIST DO YOU KNOW IN REAL LIFE: Most of them I’ve met in real life.
23. HOW MANY SIBLINGS DO YOU HAVE: Just one sister.
24. DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS: The family has two dogs and two cats; the dogs are yorkies, one cat is calico and the other is a tabby.
25. DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR NAME: I’m good with what I’ve got.
26. WHAT DID YOU DO FOR YOUR LAST BIRTHDAY: Ate at a nice Brazilian restaurant with my family, had about half a pitcher of sangria, and later in the night went to a game night at a friend’s apartment.
27. WHAT TIME DID YOU WAKE UP TODAY: 9:30 AM (why am I still up it’s 12:30AM now)
28. WHAT WERE YOU DOING AT MIDNIGHT LAST NIGHT: Watching Gurren Lagann with a pair of friends.
29. NAME SOMETHING YOU CANNOT WAIT FOR: This week to be over so I can get a bunch of hard school shit out of the way and
A: See the bae again.
B: Sing “Double Trouble” (yes, THAT song) publically with the UTD Chamber Singers.
C: get Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.
30. LAST TIME YOU SAW YOUR MOTHER: 2 hours ago I estimate.
31. WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WISH YOU COULD CHANGE ABOUT YOUR LIFE: I wish I’d found the UTD music scene earlier so I could have been a part of that for longer before I graduated (this is my last semester).
32. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW: Again, The Juan Maclean, but this time it’s “Crush the Liberation” (near the end of the album now).
33. HAVE YOU EVER TALKED TO A PERSON NAMED TOM: Yeah, he used to be a friend of mine until he moved to Oregon and stopped talking to me.
34. WHAT’S GETTING ON YOUR NERVES RIGHT NOW: Nothing. I’m pretty much at peace right now.
35. MOST VISITED WEB PAGE: Probably my three home pages: Gmail, Facebook, and Tumblr.
36. BLOOD TYPE: ???
37. NICKNAME: “Zack” is technically a nickname since my full name is Zachary. I’ve also been referred to as Zackattack, Zackinator 2000, Zackypoo, Fat Kid, Reindeer King, bad-wolfos (self-given), Jack, Sack, Hero, Man 1, Cutie, “Anything” (accidentally self-given), and New Cadillac.
39. ZODIAC SIGN: Virgo. (hahaha)
40. PRONOUNS: he/him/his.
41. ELEMENTARY: Homeschooled
42. HIGH SCHOOL: Dual credit at community college
43. COLLEGE: About to get my bachelors.
44. HAIR COLOR: Dirty blond I guess. Pretty sure it’s going brown.
45. LONG OR SHORT: quite short.
46. HEIGHT: Apparently some unknown number above 6’2”, since that was my last measurement, but reports indicate I “can’t be” 6’2”.
47. DO YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON SOMEONE: The answer to this one’s kind of obvious I think.
48. WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF: My smarts, my voice, my body, my nails, my self (though that can be hard sometimes).
50. TATTOOS: I wish. I don’t know what I want to get, and besides, tattoos are expensive.
51. RIGHTY OF LEFTY: partially ambidextrous due to years as a drummer, but my right hand is still technically dominant, and I can’t write with my left hand either.
52. FIRST SURGERY: Ears, I think, to remove an infection. I was very little.
54. FIRST BEST FRIEND: Name of Collin Eye. I wasn’t his best friend but he was mine, because I at the time I said so.
55. FIRST SPORT YOU JOINED: I never played a sport.
56. FIRST VACATION: Maine. I know, what a great vacation spot right?
58. FIRST PAIR OF TRAINERS: Does anyone actually remember their first pair of sneakers? Really?

59: EATING: Delicious candy corn. You can leave that shit out forever and it won’t go stale.
60. DRINKING: Was drinking Dr. Pepper but it’s all out.
61. I’M ABOUT TO: Answer the next question.
62. LISTENING TO: You already asked this. “Dance With Me” by The Juan MacLean. It’s the last song on the album and it’s super long and it’s about to end I think. *checks* Yep just two minutes left better select another album. *adds Jenny Lewis’ The Voyage to the queue*
63: WAITING FOR: this album to be done so Jenny Lewis’ The Voyage can start.
64. WANT KIDS: Eh? Maybe when I’m actually ready for that shit.
65. GET MARRIED: Eh? Maybe when I’m actually ready for that shit.
66. CAREER: Eh? Maybe when I’m actually ready for that shit.

67. LIPS OR EYES: Both are nice but I like lips.
68. HUGS OR KISSES: Both both both boooooooooooth please.
69. SHORTER OR TALLER: Don’t care.
70. OLDER OR YOUNGER: Don’t care.
71. ROMANTIC OR SPONTANEOUSLY: Grammar saves lives, you know.
73. SENSITIVE OR LOUD: Sensitive most certainly.
74. HOOK-UP OR RELATIONSHIP: Definitely relationships, but in the absence of one I don’t really mind one-night stands.

76. KISSED A STRANGER: Depends on your definition of “stranger.”
77. DRANK HARD LIQUOR: I’ve got a bottle of strawberry sour mash downstairs.
78. LOST GLASSES/CONTACTS: I don’t wear glasses or contacts.
79. SEX ON FIRST DATE: Depends on your definition of “date.”
80. BROKE SOMEONE’S HEART: Nobody’s told me explicitly if I broke their heart, but upon analysis I think I have.
81. HAD YOUR OWN HEART BROKEN: Yeah, pretty badly. Again, long story I won’t get into here, but feel free to ask.
82. BEEN ARRESTED: Not that I can remember.
83. TURNED SOMEONE DOWN: ??????????????? This is literally the vaguest question ever. I’ve turned people down on numerous occasions for numerous reasons and numerous offers. Duh. Actually every single living person on the ENTIRE PLANEThas said the word “no” in their native language before, why would you think otherwise. Do you mean romantically? Yes, I’ve done that too. I was 18 and recently single, and a 14 year old friend of my sister offered himself to me, and I was really creeped out.
84. CRIED WHEN SOMEONE DIED: On screen/stage, yeah, but I haven’t had anybody close to me die in real life.

86. YOURSELF: Yeah.
88. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: Not love. But crushes, certainly.
89. HEAVEN: No.
90. SANTA CLAUS: No, certainly not.
91. KISS ON THE FIRST DATE: This is supposed to be a belief? Hell. I mean, I guess? It depends on how well it goes. I dated a guy a couple of years ago the first of which went extremely well and we made out for a bit. Lately, I kissed my current boyfriend on the first date, but due to a bunch of complicated emotions on my part and a severe shyness on both our parts (correct me if I’m wrong, bae), we’d barely talked to each other until we broke the tension with our first kiss, and it was like a dream after that for me.
92. ANGELS: Nope—goes with the heaven thing.

I don’t have 25 people to tag in this, so I’m just gonna go with the usual rule and say that if you see this, consider yourself tagged and obligated to fill this out yourself.


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